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    Accelerate your kids learning with a smarter start...

    Have them learn the basics of coding to go further, faster. The best courses online.

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  • Link to Basic HTML for Kids

    Basic HTML for Kids

    Every web programmer at some point will need to know the basics of HTML. This course covers the basics of the HTML Markup Language including tags and their attributes.

  • Link to Learning How to Program with Scratch

    Learning How to Program with Scratch

    Introduces computing and Computer Science to a younger audience using the Scratch programming environment.

  • Link to Start Coding with Scratch 2.0

    Start Coding with Scratch 2.0

    Learning to code is an essential life skill and Scratch makes learning the concepts behind computational thinking, creative thinking, and programming easy with a graphical snap together programming language.

  • Free Code Camp languages

    Learn to code for free with freeCodeCamp!

    Join a supportive community of millions of coders. Build projects and earn free certifications. Get experience by coding for nonprofits. Learn Javascript, APIs, etc...

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    Volunteer at your local CoderDojo?

    There are 12,000 volunteers in 1692 Dojos all around the world and they do all sorts of things to help their clubs.